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Kern River

Estate Sale Successfully Completed

WOW.....bring your wallet! You will love this beautiful home and it's decor. You  WILL be taking something home from this sale....I PROMISE!!!! Due to the  exclusivity of this home we will not be doing local advertising. It is a  downsizing sale with amazing decor and necessities left behind. Lots of custom  iron decorator items.....small to life size. Huge wooden carved horse, unique  and beautiful furniture pieces, lovely wall art, some tools, camping items, a  library of books and closets full of designer mens clothing and coats.  English  riding saddles and some large house plants. Please notice the very large, rustic  piece above the fireplace in the living room....IT'S AMAZING. See you at this  beautiful river estate home. 

Items for sale

How about that view!

Custom iron decorator items

Wood carved clock

Eclectic Library

Beautiful furniture

Unique decorater items

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