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100+ yrs - Multiple Generations - Everything Kept ALL in this One Family House - Steampunk Artist Dream ESTATE SALE


Steampunk Artist Dream Sale! Layers and layers of decades & decades of family hobbies, collections and heirlooms are being uncovered. We're back into 1909 now. It's simple unbelievable. 100's of old vintage car radios, vintage electronic parts, gages galore, old PAC bell collectibles (phones in every color & tons old "old new stock"), WWl & WWll era items galore....of all kinds. Jars, kitchenware & gadgets. Vintage linens, fabrics and sewing notions to die for! Fantastic antique furniture was been uncovered in all this. Beautiful mission dining set, dressers, desks, trunks, cabinets, and chests. Novelties & collectibles we've seen rarely or never, are being uncovered here. Military memorabilia. Foreign souvenirs from war time, uniforms. Upright Player Piano and the paper goods are incredible. Very Old, Very Unusual, Old Advertising unique's too! Lot's of outdoor rusty gold, vintage yard goods. Tools for 100yrs. Brand name tools. Unbelievable! Hit & Miss motors, TONS OF STUFF!!

Keep checking back.

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